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Zoo Med Tortoise House

Brilliantly designed - the Tortoise House is wood sided for complete privacy as this is the style preferred by professional tortoise keepers. Use this unit indoors and place a dome with basking bulb on the top of the screen or place outside in your garden to provide natural UVB rays which is essential to health and shell growth.

Zoo Med indicates that this pen is easy to assemble and we confer - we had several Big Apple staff members individually try to put this unit together and all found it quick and simple.

  • The Tortoise House comes with a built-in den that is weatherproof and provides the ideal shelter and sleeping area. 
  • The wire safety cover is lockable and secure.
  • Whether you use it as an outdoor enclosure or an indoor enclosure it makes an attractive and affordable small to medium tortoise pen.
  • DOUBLE THE SIZE! The house is modular so that the end panel can be removed and a second tortoise house can be connected.
  • Tortoise House - Single Unit - 36"L x 24"W x 12"H
  • Tortoise House - Two Units - 72"L x 24" W x 12"H
  • Door Opening - 8" W x 8" H

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