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Zoo Med Repti-Therm Undertank Heaters

$12.99 – $24.99
Repti-Therm mats incorporate special insulation with a vinyl cover to help direct heat into the cage and raise the ambient air temperature of your terrarium.

They utilize solid state nichrome heating elements that produce a great deal of heat with wattage ranging from only 6 to 22 watts (depending on size). A special glue adhesive allows for easy attachment to the bottom of your terrarium.

These mats can only be used on glass aquariums. For plastic, acrylic or glass cages use IntelliTempTM heat mats.

  • Mini - 5" x 4" (1-5 Gallons)
  • Small - 8" x 6" (10-20 Gallons)
  • Medium - 12" x 8" (30-40 Gallons)
  • Large - 18" x 8" (50-60 Gallons)

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