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Reptarium Cages

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Light fixtures not included, but most available light fixture styles will mount right on top when you follow the manufacturer's instructions.
Due to health regulations we cannot accept returns or exchanges on Reptariums.

The A, B, C's of Reptariums:
  • A - Awesome Design - Solidly constructed with a heavyweight tubular frame and a form fitting reinforced commercial grade nylon MESH screen. Perfect for lizards, snakes, tortoises, box turtles, frogs, chameleons, small birds, butterflies and bats. Note: Lizards over 2-1/2 feet could possibly tear the mesh cover and snakes over 8 feet may not be appropriate for reptariums.
  • B - Beneficial - Excellent ventilation, easy to clean, maintains proper security and contributes to the overall happiness a your reptile.
  • C - Cool Pricing - As the internet leader in reptarium sales, we sell reptarium cages at more than 40% off the normal retail price
  • D - Delightful - You'll be delighted when your cage sets up in only a few minutes right out of the box.
  • E - Easy Access - Every size model comes with zippered entry for super easy access.
  • F - Fill It Up - Customize your Reptarium by simply adding branches, plants, privacy foliage, sand, rocks or anything else which will add to your terrestrial, arboreal or aquatic natural habitat.
  • G - Glad to Help - We can help you choose the best cage size, lighting, heating and accessories.
  • 260 Gallon - 29" x 29" x 72"

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