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Price: US $869.99   

The Fluval Vicenza Model 180 is a top of the line 48 Gallon Bow Front aquarium set which includes everything you will need to make an amazing aquarium.

With graceful curves the Fluval Vicenza bow-fronted aquarium adds a beautiful dimension to flat walls. Designed to enhance any decor, the Vicenza has a choice of finishes that will co-ordinate with today’s looks.

The Vicenza Aquarium set offers an all-in-one purchase with incredible functionality and ease of use in an aesthetically appealing package. This Italian Designed Collection has been developed to fit into the lifestyle and décor of the traditional home. These Italian Designed Aquariums are an elegant focal point for any family room, office or play room.


  • Freight costs provided include truckline delivery to a commercial location.
  • Deliveries to a residential location require that you upgrade to curbside home deliveryplease CLICK HERE and then add to cart.

Includes Everything You Need:

  • Fluval Vicenza 180 Aquarium: 48 US gal (36”W x 21.5”H x 16.25”D)
  • Fluval Vicenza 180 Aquarium Stand: 36”W x 27.5”H x 16.25D”
  • Fluval 205 Canister Filter
  • Fluval Tronic 200 Watt Aquarium Heater
  • GLO T5 HO Double Light System – 24“
  • Two Life GLO T-5 HO Fluorescent Bulbs - 24 Watt
  • High Quality Machine-Cut Glass Aquariums Ensure Strength and Durability
  • Aquarium Cabinet with Two Reversible Colored Doors with Push-Release Door Closing Mechanisms and Interior Shelving
  • Glo T5 HO Lighting Double System Provides Ample Lighting for Either a Heavily Planted or Reef Aquarium
  • Cabinet Designed Specifically to Accommodate Fluval External Filters - Unique AquaStop system for easy and clean maintenance
  • Fluval Tronic Submersible Heater for Superior Heating Efficiency

About This Aquarium:

  • Starting a new aquarium is an exciting experience and the waterscapes you create can be as different and diverse as the fish and plants you choose to keep in it. With a choice of 2 sizes the Vicenza bow fronted aquarium brings Italian style into your home and is the perfect way to display your aquatic creation, whether it’s cool and minimal or lush and exotic.
  • The Filter - The Vicenza 180 and 260 models are powered by a Fluval External Filter. The filter hoses connect directly through the aquarium base in an innovative feature which means less clutter and less mess. Without any bulky external connections the whole unit can fit flush to the wall. All aquariums are made of glass and are manufactured under strict conditions to ensure quality, strength and durability. 
  • The Cabinet - Vicenza cabinets are designed to completely co-ordinate with Vicenza aquariums. Every cabinet has 2 reversible doors, allowing you to choose the one to match your colour scheme at initial construction. Stylish flush doors have push release opening. Cabinet colour options are Light Oak/Mocha and Black/Silver which are both available on our website under separate pages. Fluval Vicenza aquariums are furniture quality cabinets and the aquariums must only be used with the equivalent Fluval Vicenza cabinets that come with the system. 
  • The Lighting Canopy - The canopy is finished in black and comes with a choice of light oak or silver trim to co-ordinate with the cabinet color of your choice.
  • The Lighting System - Vicenza canopies house a powerful GLO T5 high output lighting system, easily controlled with the integrated light timer.
  • The Heating System - Comes with one the industry's highest quality Fluval Tronic Aquarium Heater which will sufficiently incorporate accurate temperature control.