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Zoo Med Coral Sun Actinic 420 Coral Fluorescent Bulbs

$6.39 – $7.86

  • High intensity actinic lamp with strong emissions in the short wavelength region of the spectrum, peaking at 420 nm.
  • Ideal for marine aquariums, reef tanks, and African cichlids.
  • Promotes the growth of zooxanthellae algae, essential for the growth and well being of all photosynthetic corals and invertebrates.
  • Simulates the short wavelength blue light which penetrates to reef depths in nature.
  • Output closely matches the absorption peak of blue chlorophyll used in photosynthesis.
  • Long lasting: Effective for up to 10,000 hours.
  • T-8, 15 Watts, 18 Inches
  • T-8, 18 Watts, 24 Inches
  • T-8, 25 Watts, 36 Inches
  • T-8, 32 Watts, 48 Inches

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