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BAH-1000DC Reptile Thermostat With DC Chip Technology

Our Award Winning Thermostat, the BAH-1000DC Thermostat Utilizes Digital Smart Chip Technology and is 1000 Watts Capable!

The BAH-1000DC thermostat's design is so technologically advanced that it is considered one of the most accurate and reliable thermostats available anywhere in the pet industry. Previous to this model, this level of powerful technology could only be found on extremely expensive thermostats. You’ll sleep soundly knowing that your reptile’s heating is controlled by the new BAH-1000DC's top-of-the-line Digital Chip Technology as well as being protected by the special safety circuit.

  • Click here for BAH-100 Instructions
  • Sockets on this thermostat are for two prong items and certain heat mats are three prong. To use a three prong plug you can pick up a standard adapter at any hardware store.
"SAFE" Features:
  • SIMPLICITY - The BAH-1000DC is incredibly easy-to-use... there is absolutely no wiring necessary. Simply plug one to three heating device's (up to 1000 watts combined) into the conveniently located triple socket receptacle and set the temperature from 78F to 108F on the easy-to-read dial. Dual LED displays show power on and power output.
  • ACCURACY - Top-of-the-line electronic IC Smart Chip architecture is incorporated into the BAH-1000DC thermostat making it one of the most accurate thermostats found anywhere. We redesigned the unit to run at the ideal differential, providing both incredible temperature consistency and accuracy while maintaining little wear and tear on the heating device. A highly precise probe on a generously long 6 foot cord allows for exactness of temperatures throughout the basking site or heat mat surface.
  • FAIL SAFE - We at Big Apple Pet Supply believe this to be one of the most important features in our design of the new BAH-1000DC thermostat. The system permanently maintains a special overload safety circuit which automatically activates in the case of a unit malfunction. This unique feature greatly reduces the chance of accidental overheating as well as other heating hazards. Note: This safety feature could be compromised in the event of plugging in more than the maximum of 1000 watts or in the event of an electrical power surge so always use a surge protector.
  • EFFICIENCY - The BAH-1000DC can thermostatically control one heating device or multiple heating devices up to 1000 watts combined.
Should I Use A Thermostat?
  • YES! It Should Not Be A Question. Simply put, a thermostat is the choice method of controlling the ambient air temperature and/or basking site of your reptile’s enclosure.
  • YES! When using a ceramic heat emitter, heat mat, heat tape, or radiant heat panel a thermostat is absolutely necessary.
  • YES! It's incredibly easy-to-use: simply plug in up to three heating device's (up to 500 watts combined) and dial the exact temperature on the easy-to-read digital display.

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